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Welcome to our website, our mission is to satisfy all customers with excellent products and services. We invest in businesses with high growth and return potential through effective management focusing on adding value to our partners, employees and community.

Our vision is to be the most admired listed company in the region, renowned for our investment expertise, execution capabilities and value creation. We take responsibility and ownership for our actions honoring obligations, expectations and requirements. We admit our mistakes, but we also celebrate our successes.

Belhaj international group is a leading actor in the field of international business , operating, in particular in the arabic region. we have acquired an outstanding record of success among our clients,We have successfully assisted these clients with complex business and management decisions involving people, equipment, facilities and capital.


Headquarters : Rabat , Morocco View location

Belhaj international general trading group roots were humble, but our vision was simple - create tangible value and focus on excellence.

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The trust our partners have placed in us has been our driving force. Today, business model is being reshaped and economic cycle is shrinking.

Management team

Our management team brings decades of experience and thought leadership that guide the group's direction in the path of success.