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Chairman's message

The trust our partners have placed in us has been our driving force. Today, business model is being reshaped and economic cycle is shrinking.

One of the key pillars of our refreshed strategy is the simplification of our business. Our Group has had an excellent year, demonstrating that it can continue to move forward in a climate characterized by economic and monetary uncertainty. While sticking firmly to our long-term strategy, we are adapting our decisions and actions to the ever faster changes in our market environment. We can count on the power of our brands, their alliance of quality, tradition and innovation, the responsiveness of a highly action-oriented organization, and the ambition shared by our talented teams for perfect strategy execution. In a competitive environment for all our business lines, these key strengths will maintain our competitive edge.

But no matter how many "successes" we accrue, one thing remains paramount: Our members are the most important part of us. Your company is stronger because of your support and participation. We thank you for that.

As a member-owner, I am very proud of Belhaj International Group. As a trustee and Chairman, I am doubly proud to be a part of such an outstanding company.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Abdelrahman Mohammed Belhaj
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Belhaj International General Trading Group
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Our mission is to satisfy all customers with excellent products and services. We invest in businesses with high growth and return potential


Belhaj international general trading group roots were humble, but our vision was simple - create tangible value and focus on excellence.

Management team

Our management team brings decades of experience and thought leadership that guide the group's direction in the path of success.